Singapore Pipe & Cigar Smokers

SP&CS is the only such group in Singapore
recognized by 
Comité International des Pipe Clubs.

It was founded by Dr Michael Loh in 1986. 

Dr Loh is a member of L’Académie Internationale de la Pipe as well as a member of La Confrérie du Sabre d’Or.

NOTE: There isn't a pipe or cigar club that is allowed by the government to be legally registered in Singapore, just as there isn't a cigar lounge that operates legally in Singapore.

Dr Loh now plays a less active leadership role, having handed over the reins to Miss Avril Gan, who is now CIPC's official representative in Singapore. However, this private group continues to meet regularly, on board private yachts and in landed bungalows in district 10. We welcome only ladies and gentlemen of impeccable character. You must come highly recommended by existing members. Because of prior bad experience, we will only admit those whom we deem suitable.

Contact: Mike(a)DrMichaelLoh(.)com

No reply guaranteed, please do not email repeatedly.

There are many so-called pipe and cigar clubs in Singapore with less stringent admission criteria. We suggest you check them out.

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